What is PDTalks?

Personal Development Talks (or PDTalks) is a young, dynamic and outgoing EXPATS who live in Netherlands, and it is a community for people who want to meet new people and learning something interesting in the process.

Right now we are most active on FB on our official PDTalks page:


We want to meet you

It is said that people today have less and less true friends. Facebook is dividing us more than it brings us together. We therefore need to make an effort to reconnect and find LIVE people with whom we can speak.

One of the pillars of the PDTalks is, therefore, our desire to bring new and inspiring people together. Everyone is special and we are looking for your uniqueness. And because everyone keeps the best things for later, we want to meet you more often (as a community) to really find that hidden gem inside of you.

If it is not interesting we don’t want to hear it.

Every two-in-two week we invite top professionals in their field to give presentation and an advice on a subject everyone wants to hear! We find best speakers and challenge them to take it one step further when it comes to delivering world class presentations, and if they cannot do it we don’t want to hear it.

Our topics

Our topics range from motivation and habits, to money, love, food, humor and online marketing. During the events we will go into debts on many questions and QA is a key to get the answers you were looking for. We are always looking for good topics and great speakers, so if you are a speaker or you know of someone who can give us a great presentation, lets us know – Contact us.

Last thoughts

PDTalks is a social community event where meeting and interacting with new people is seen as a second nature. We therefore invite you to come to our event regularly and to invite your friends. If you miss an event, don’t worry. There is one more coming right up. But we also want to see you regularly, so we hope you can make it as we will always make an effort to be there ourselves.

So now, check our next events and see you soon!